AL Picks for Pitching tonight (fanduel)

There are actually a lot of good plays out there tonight in regards to pitching – but the 2 below I think are great plays considering the widcard card race in AL

a couple of weeks ago you could have picked up Carlos on the cheap – but due the his recent dominating performances he is valued right where he should be

Fanduel Value 9000

2 reasons I like him a lot tonight

1) the rest of the game before is being played prior to the 705pm east start with the tribe up 4-2 in the bottom of the 10th- by all means the tribe should win that game – which will put KC in a pressing postion as they should fall further back from Detroit in the AL central

2) Tribe playing @ home where as Cleveland has played some of there most impressive ball

prediction 7 2/3 innings , 8K’s, 2 ER , 1 Win = 17.66 points ( fanduel)


2nd is value play

James Paxton – 7200 @ fanduel

bottom line here, he has been pitching fairly well and Seattle NEEDS this win

and the price is right on him

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners

use him to load up on some bats

Prediction 6 1/3 innings, 5Ks , 3 ER , 1 Win = 12.33


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