Fantasy MLB Recap for 9/23/14

Fantasy Recap for 9/24/14

Pitcher Hits/Misses


Gerrit Cole (8200)- our projection – 15.33 FDP

Actual 17FDP

Nicholas Martinez (5000) our projection – 12FDP

Actual 15.66 FDP



Shelby Miller (6600) our projection – 14FDP

Actual 9.33 FDP

Cole Hamels (10200) our projection – 17.66FDP

Actual 9FDP

50% not a bad or good day –

As far as the lineups – they didn’t fair to well based on hitting


Fantasy Recap from 9/23/14

This is where I will recap last night hits and misses

NL pitchers Adam Wainwright my projected 18FDP actual 19FDP

Francisco Liriano projected 16FDP actual 17FDP


Carlos Carrasco projected 17.66 actual 14.33

big miss of the night

James Paxton projected 12.66 actual -4.34 OUCH

as far as the lineups – won approx 61% of head to heads

and placed in the money in both of the 30K (2.00) squeeze tourney