Fantasy Recap from 9/23/14

This is where I will recap last night hits and misses

NL pitchers Adam Wainwright my projected 18FDP actual 19FDP

Francisco Liriano projected 16FDP actual 17FDP


Carlos Carrasco projected 17.66 actual 14.33

big miss of the night

James Paxton projected 12.66 actual -4.34 OUCH

as far as the lineups – won approx 61% of head to heads

and placed in the money in both of the 30K (2.00) squeeze tourney

AL Picks for Pitching tonight (fanduel)

There are actually a lot of good plays out there tonight in regards to pitching – but the 2 below I think are great plays considering the widcard card race in AL

a couple of weeks ago you could have picked up Carlos on the cheap – but due the his recent dominating performances he is valued right where he should be

Fanduel Value 9000

2 reasons I like him a lot tonight

1) the rest of the game before is being played prior to the 705pm east start with the tribe up 4-2 in the bottom of the 10th- by all means the tribe should win that game – which will put KC in a pressing postion as they should fall further back from Detroit in the AL central

2) Tribe playing @ home where as Cleveland has played some of there most impressive ball

prediction 7 2/3 innings , 8K’s, 2 ER , 1 Win = 17.66 points ( fanduel)


2nd is value play

James Paxton – 7200 @ fanduel

bottom line here, he has been pitching fairly well and Seattle NEEDS this win

and the price is right on him

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners

use him to load up on some bats

Prediction 6 1/3 innings, 5Ks , 3 ER , 1 Win = 12.33