NBA Recap for 12/16/14 (Fanduel Only)

Russell Westbrook and John Wall Dominated the Fantasy Points on Fanduel today . if you have those 2 you should have done pretty good- starting 12/17 we will start to give our nba lineups and predictions

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Fantasy Baseball Pitchers Play of the Day 9 24 14

Slim pickings today — so we will give the a sporting chance


Clayton Kershaw is the obvious pick – but at 12600 in Fanduel, it just maybe to much to win a league in my opinion , but to each is there own


John Lackey  – 7800 – FPOTD projection 16FDPs

Dillon Gee – 6800 FPOTD projection 13FDPs


Sleeper alert

Trevor Bauer – 6900 FPOTD projection- 16FDPs – Indians no doubt are struggling offensively – and Bauer has a habit of giving up that 4 run inning- High RISK High Reward here- if he hits the strike zone early tonight expect huge numbers – he just needs to get out of the first inning with no runs